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“Midway though our life’s journey, I went astray from the path and woke to find myself alone in a dark wood” -Dante.

There is, in each of us, a knowing that ‘something’ could be different, better, or at the very least, less confusing.  This wisdom is often what leads us to reach out to a counsellor. We may have had ‘the number’ for months, in our wallet, or on the desk, and to date, we haven’t felt the need, the readiness or a strong enough desire to reach out.  Perhaps we had already been struggling with certain aspects of our lives, and friend gave us a number, or we googled ‘counsellor’ and made some notes, or book marked a site. And then we go on with our lives, coping as best we can, working hard on our own behalf to ‘keep going.’  And then often, something happens, the final straw, or a major rupture in our life, or a devastating loss or unexpected turn of events that can leave us reeling. And this quiet wisdom says, ‘now, now is the time to reach out.’ It takes an enormous amount of courage to make a call.  We are flooded with feelings and thoughts; ‘what if they think I’m ‘crazy’? What if they’ve never met someone with my problems? ‘What if they judge me, or even more scary, what if they confirm my worst fears about myself?”


With these very common and very human thoughts we can recognize; we are already on the path to healing.  The very fact that we are ready to reach out in spite of these mind-created obstacles, in spite of our fears, or our sense of unworthiness, the act of reaching out tells us that we value ourselves.  Reaching out tells us that we have hope, and no matter how small that flicker is, even if we don’t even recognize it within ourselves, that flicker is hope and hope supports us in moving forward. It would be a privilege for me to support you on your journey of healing. Namaste